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Vent by Cartoon-Heart

i think taking anger out in artwork helps alot, whenever i get angry i draw someone, no one really, no face, dead, its graphic but i ge...

.:Search for Amy:. by PhoenixSAlover

i love it, though WTF is she wearing? other den dat i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love l...

Just ShadAmy 6 page End by cArDoNaNaVaS

i read the whole series! my life is now complete! you are amazing for making this series! you should make some similar short series! al...



Rhodochrosite by BrooBroo
Fashionable queen.

Name: Rhodochrosite, but prefer the nickname rhody for convenience.

Gem: Rhodochrosite, rose hue.


-Loves fashion, gushes about it whenever she can
-adores fusion and everything that comes out of it. she take it seriously and personally
-Her gem is located under her chest, on her ribcage.
-Her weapon are twin fans, deadly and sharp.

Personality notes:

-Motherly, adores steven and connie. She especially adores onion.
-very loud, but loves to sing.
-Gets lost in thought, daydreams a lot.
I'm sure everyone is acquainted with the feeling of being ignored, or boring.

And, well that's what i feel.

Every time i get on this site the feeling comes back. I'd be lying if i said it was someones fault, but i'd also be lying if i said there are people who didn't contribute.

There are some people, who i look up to, because they are wonderful, funny, sweet individuals and i wish i was part of their online friend circle, if you will. But it always put me down when i seem to be that girl who tries to offer advice or says something, and in reality, im far away in the corner seemingly not saying a word. Like no one looks down at me and smiles or waves. or actually says something.

Now do not get me wrong, there are my friends, as, few as they are that talk to me, Trueanalysis, JenJen, and some more, and i appreciate that greatly, but,

I feel insignificant.

Like i took a wrong turn and ended up in a place were i turned invisible, and everyone passes through me.

Puru, i do look up to you, and this is NOT in any way your fault. I may feel ignored by you, but i understand you are a busy woman. You are a sweet and kind woman that i wish i got to know better. 
And you are still a role model for me.

True, your mah bestie bro O3O, 

Jenjen, keep goin' gurl!

Kurlozwaifu, And kawaiimakara, The haters are proof people know your there! keep going darlings!

And as for all the rest of my little circle, Please understand, That i am just going to ignore myself for a little while UwU

Chanyeol : Signature Pose

Lo' you guys :3

- Teh Broo,


BrooBroo's Profile Picture
Booty von Licious
Artist | Student | Varied



Ciao! oh wait crap thats a goodbyeNOOO don't leave so sooooon ;A;

Hehe JK you can do and be ever you want to sweetie UwU

My name is Teh BrooBroo, formerly DarkAllyGrudge. Formerly a
weird weirdo weirdy weirditito name for a girl like me.

My real name is kelsi. Last is FORBIDDEN JSBDAKJBFKJDANJKFN-

I'm fuunny if i do say so myself! I like trains,
horribly obvious references, and metaphores nobody gets because then
i can say,

"I said that before it was cool"

Heh, i'm gonna a wicked awesome grandma. Ice cream every night yo.

Now braces yall selves cause imma 'bout to drop the low down
of my favs and peeves, ZZIP

I like:


Adventure Time
Steven Universe
Uncle Grandpa [Screw you he's awesome =u=]
The Librarians [so friggin stoked yo]
The big 6
Frozen [//SIGHS LOUDLY//]
Brave [omjeez ;3;]
The hunger Games [Who doesn't *o*]
The hunger games, Catching Fire [For the love of feels ;m;]
The Lord of the rings trilogy [have the whole set of movies hehe]
The three Hobbit movies [Dat wood elf king doh~]
Guardians of the galaxy [:iconlazycryplz:]
Black Butler, [series 1-2, and Book of circus. i also read the manga.]
Pandora Hearts
Crash and Burn [Ask for details, or look up in search bar.


Everything. [JK]
Peanut Butter [Jk also, I puke when i even smell it =M=]
Ice cream [1-NO DUH/2-Butter brickle, all time fav: Mint chocolate]
Oreos, cookies in general. [except raisin cookies >M>]
Shakes. [Especially with candy toppings numnums]
My mama's Pasta Ve'jol [*o*]
Fresh French bread [With honey on it hnnnnnn]
Etc Etc, because i could go on for hours and lets face it, you have homework or
that growing pile of laundry to do.
Scents [Because why the fruggers naut]:

New books [Why do they smell so good?]
Gas [Highfive for killing brain cells!]
The black scented marker know one knows what scent it is [But DAMN does it smell AMAZING]
Smells of good food [Nomnums]
smell of bleach [Brain cells: Gotta die fast!]
The smell of sun block. [hhhhhhhh~]

'Nuff said.



Imma say this once. Don't start an argument with me.
I'll jump right into it and not stop, and i'll probably obsess over it and your account [looking for stuff to use against you Um(\]
But after two days i'll get over it. Like damn don't even bother. I'm hopeless.

Peanut. Shietsing. Butter. I hate it with a passion hot enough to burn water on.

Joke sues. Don't like'em. Never have, never will. Sue is a serious phase that girls and boys go through UmU
[Some even dive so far in, they create a sue hyvrid called the WeeaSue]

Cliffhangers. [Especially when you don't. finish. GOG]


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69 / 16,000
I need premium membership. i just it. so i can give unlimited. and do awesome stuff. halp me please if you wanna

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Commish my hand talent :L
Florida Nguyen by BrooBroo
Braids of word by BrooBroo
RenthePaintKitty by BrooBroo
Commish Me! C:

Headshot: 10

Full/Knee up/Waist up: 10

Landscape with OC/you: 10

Landscape art: 10


:iconcapitalofepic: :iconabstractgroup:


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callmewinchester Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
thanks so much for the watch :love:
BrooBroo Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Student General Artist
NP broham! 8P
SunnieDoodles Featured By Owner Edited May 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist

Your  art is so cute!!
BrooBroo Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Student General Artist

thank you
baselover4 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Mistress-Lovely Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
Hello Hello dear how are you? :')
BrooBroo Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Im good!

What character did you need done? ^u^

Im in a draw-y mood 8P
Mistress-Lovely Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015
Oh hun I was just asking how you were doing?

Um well okay? can I at least pay you points this time it wouldnt seem right if I asked.

You know that I consider you a friend not just for you art right?
BrooBroo Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2015  Student General Artist

Ohhh im sorry i just asked because i wanted to draw something but thats ok.
I can if you want to! I fully color it though.

and thaank you sweetie X3
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mimmime Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist
Thanks for the fave...=D
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