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i think taking anger out in artwork helps alot, whenever i get angry i draw someone, no one really, no face, dead, its graphic but i ge...

.:Search for Amy:. by PhoenixSAlover

i love it, though WTF is she wearing? other den dat i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love l...

Just ShadAmy 6 page End by cArDoNaNaVaS

i read the whole series! my life is now complete! you are amazing for making this series! you should make some similar short series! al...



MY sister :iconbaselover4: commissioned a girl for a pixel art icon, and the girl never metnioned how many points it would be!

My sister go through with the order and the girl says its 600 points.

My sister is freaking out, she doesn't have that much!

Could some sweethearts help her out please? ;A;
All these Steven universe gemsona's with gemstones i've never seen.

Were do you find stones like these?!!
Kurloz turned to me and said, "Hey Ebony, how did you know that Caliborn was with john?" i looked at him shocked, and scared, My dark past huanting my head. I sighed and stared off into the distance, my eyes resting on the sunset taking place outside. "i think its time i told the world this story" I said, My vision blurring from the tears that threatened my calm state. I hope this wouldn't change his feelings towards me."it all started a long time ago" i stated.


Ebony, age 16, was running from a bar and out onto the streets. She panted slightly as a few men shouted at her, yelling crude things. a car pulled up to her side, And the window rolled down. "Hey there kitten going my way?~" smirked the driver, showing off his shark like teeth. A cigarett was pressed firmly in between them.  

She quickly got in and the car drove off, the engine revving loudly, leaving her pursuers in a cloud of smoke. "So, wvhere you wvanna take this to>" he purred, shifting his eyes to her in the rearveiw mirror. She pulled out her 9 Mil. pistol and growled, "JUST DRIVE!" He immeadeatley slam the ingnition.

He drove and drove, In fear of his life, not expecting this to turn so quickly. Soon, ebony shifted her sleepy eyes on the bright night city of vegas. "He told me to go play slots. I did and won a millon dollars, Lucky right? I think it had to do with that cerulean troll chick that was next to me. She kept saying, "All the luck, all of it hehehehehehehehe >::::::::]" I returned to find him gone.", a note filled with a pathetic goodbye, and insults she couldn't beleive.

And he stole the one thing she loved the most. Thats when she met her. "Hey, hey now whats wrong?" she said as she walked me to a table with fries, She grabbed a few and ate them. "Do you have any family? where are you from?" she asked. She threw her fries at the green cherub. "I come from different places okay!!!" she smiled and asked ebony to stay with her. She said yes. for the next few weeks, I stayed with calliope. Calliope was a nice green skinned girl and was an awesome dress maker. She took ebony to this show where people danced undantly. And she wanted to be apart of it.

Sadly I could not because i was working at the leopard. Thats when Caliborn showed up at the leopard with Demara. Ebony quickly looked up, as she heard shrieking. Caliborn had splashed a glass of water onto demara, Demara glared wickedly at the calliope's male counterpart.

Ebony ran over to her, bringing a towel "What the hell are you doing?" Ebony hissed at caliborn, pissed off at his actions. "i want to hire you to work at the Gods club" Caliborn grinned showing off his deadly chompers. Demara shofted uncomfortably. She was a beauty,

Her long black hair was spun into curls, cascading down her back and shoulders, framing her face. She wore a long rusty red dress, It touched the floor, swirling at her feet, the middle hugging her curves. "Alright. But i want to know why, and also why you poured water onto her!" Ebony glared at the monster in green. Caliborn glared right back. "I fucking hate trolls. Now get you nose out o my buisness" Demara rolled her eyes and placed her soft hand on ebony's shoulder. "You got a nice body and you should dance with me, we could make billoins of dollars." Demara grinned excitedly, Lighting a cigaret she pulled from her lewy baton purse. Ebony nodded, turned and screamed, "I QUIT!" to the building before following the two out and into the limo. Soon she was dancing at the Gods club, the serene yet edgy music and drinks, and her role as a dancer. "I was happy, Kurloz...But,"

Caliborn showed up and Demanded he take me out. so, not wanting to lose my job, We went out and danced, and went back to his house. I was beyond nervous, i have a bad feeling squirming in my stomach. He then turned and asked me to be his girlfriend. I began to say no, considering i didn't like him in that way, but something told me that i wanted to live, no was the wrong answer. I had no choice.

|Kurloz frowned, gripping my hand|

I said yes. I had to. It wasn't long before he found out i was half troll. He grew incredibly angry. He
began to beat me, verbally abuse me calling me names, such as ugly, fugly [two variations of the word! it was horrible]. I  finally had enough, retaliating, fighting back, be he was way stronger than me at the time. So i ran away first chance i got. I was...sad..because, I loved him, regardless the horrible things he did to me..


everything was super quiet, so quiet, i could here eridan's bead creak. Kurloz wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

I hiccuped, sobs racking my body. "Then have no couchie." said Jane running to her desk and typinh at an unbeleivable rate, as if she drank a gallon of energy drink. "what are you doing?" i said, puzzled at her fast fingers attacking the keyboard. I hiccupped, and kurloz patted my back.
Jane looked at me, a serious look passed over her normally happy features.."I have a plan. We need to get your son out of here." she said. We jumped as all of a sudden, A scream broke the short silence. Loud noises followed it. we all rushed over into the front part of the house, looking out the window, stood...."HORUSS?!" he had argo in his arms!. I ran for the door, but kurloz grabbed my arm. "He has my SON!! let me go!!"

Horuss shouted.

"I am here to assassinate you, Ebony Rosemary Pandora, and take
your son" He said lowering his headset down infront of his eyes. " ostillaveesta, baby" he muttered before throwing a smoke bomb, confusing all of us and he vanished.
Bloody may shed [Edit]
I eanted to do this, and see if maybe The writer herself would like me too grammar check her chapters and maybe help her with her story. ^u^

But this story does NOT belong to me, it belongs to :iconkurlozwaifu:

So yes. I hope i didn't offend you, ebony.
But i do enjoy your story :]
Puu reference sheet by BrooBroo
Puu reference sheet
Reference sheet for the little cutie herself, Puu *w*
MY sister :iconbaselover4: commissioned a girl for a pixel art icon, and the girl never metnioned how many points it would be!

My sister go through with the order and the girl says its 600 points.

My sister is freaking out, she doesn't have that much!

Could some sweethearts help her out please? ;A;


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Booty von Licious
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Ciao! oh wait crap thats a goodbyeNOOO don't leave so sooooon ;A;

Hehe JK you can do and be ever you want to sweetie UwU

My name is Teh BrooBroo, formerly DarkAllyGrudge. Formerly a
weird weirdo weirdy weirditito name for a girl like me.

My real name is kelsi. Last is FORBIDDEN JSBDAKJBFKJDANJKFN-

I'm fuunny if i do say so myself! I like trains,
horribly obvious references, and metaphores nobody gets because then
i can say,

"I said that before it was cool"

Heh, i'm gonna a wicked awesome grandma. Ice cream every night yo.

Now braces yall selves cause imma 'bout to drop the low down
of my favs and peeves, ZZIP

I like:


Adventure Time
Steven Universe
Uncle Grandpa [Screw you he's awesome =u=]
The Librarians [so friggin stoked yo]
The big 6
Frozen [//SIGHS LOUDLY//]
Brave [omjeez ;3;]
The hunger Games [Who doesn't *o*]
The hunger games, Catching Fire [For the love of feels ;m;]
The Lord of the rings trilogy [have the whole set of movies hehe]
The three Hobbit movies [Dat wood elf king doh~]
Guardians of the galaxy [:iconlazycryplz:]
Black Butler, [series 1-2, and Book of circus. i also read the manga.]
Pandora Hearts
Crash and Burn [Ask for details, or look up in search bar.


Everything. [JK]
Peanut Butter [Jk also, I puke when i even smell it =M=]
Ice cream [1-NO DUH/2-Butter brickle, all time fav: Mint chocolate]
Oreos, cookies in general. [except raisin cookies >M>]
Shakes. [Especially with candy toppings numnums]
My mama's Pasta Ve'jol [*o*]
Fresh French bread [With honey on it hnnnnnn]
Etc Etc, because i could go on for hours and lets face it, you have homework or
that growing pile of laundry to do.
Scents [Because why the fruggers naut]:

New books [Why do they smell so good?]
Gas [Highfive for killing brain cells!]
The black scented marker know one knows what scent it is [But DAMN does it smell AMAZING]
Smells of good food [Nomnums]
smell of bleach [Brain cells: Gotta die fast!]
The smell of sun block. [hhhhhhhh~]

'Nuff said.



Imma say this once. Don't start an argument with me.
I'll jump right into it and not stop, and i'll probably obsess over it and your account [looking for stuff to use against you Um(\]
But after two days i'll get over it. Like damn don't even bother. I'm hopeless.

Peanut. Shietsing. Butter. I hate it with a passion hot enough to burn water on.

Joke sues. Don't like'em. Never have, never will. Sue is a serious phase that girls and boys go through UmU
[Some even dive so far in, they create a sue hyvrid called the WeeaSue]

Cliffhangers. [Especially when you don't. finish. GOG]


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Commish my hand talent :L
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Landscape art: 10


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